Top 10 Educational Websites for Kids


With back-to-school upon us, parents may be looking for different educational websites to help support learning at home. As a teacher, nothing brings me more joy than a parent who takes an active role in their child's education; however, I know that many parents struggle to know what websites are best to provide engaging and quality content for kids. Don't worry, I have you covered! Below is my list of The Top 10 Educational Websites for Kids.

Reading and Spelling

1. FarFaria - This site has an endless supply of online books in various genres. There are different options so your child can read the book on their own or have it read to them. Books are sorted by reading level so that kids are reading appropriate texts for their ability.

2. Kids Spell - The really wonderful aspect of this site is that you can select the grade level and also the difficulty level (beginner, intermediate, advanced). There are tons of interactive games that children love. 

3. Spellodrome - Kids love this website! Spellodrome is probably the most interactive of the spelling websites listed. There is a competition-aspect as kids can battle other players. There are many interactive challenges and engaging graphics. The only downside is that this is a paid website; however, if your child needs some extra spelling practice, you may see this as a valuable investment in their education. On the website, you can watch a video to show you what the site is all about. 


4. Hooda Math - On this site is a ton of free math games that kids can play! They are interactive and address many different mathematical concepts.

5. Mathletics - Students love using mathletics! Mathletics encourages students to think critically, make learning choices, seek help when needed and reflect on their learning. There are thousands of hours of activities. The content is aligned with what is learned in the classroom at specific grade levels. If you purchase a home subscription, you have control over the content your child sees and you can update it to match your child's ability. You can challenge them or give them support with concepts they are struggling to fully understand. There are interactive tutorials, a live game where they can face students around the world, a hall of fame and free weekly reports for parents. 

6. Prodigy - The video on the website says it best: "Imagine your favourite video game as a kid. Now imagine that game with math curriculum built into it. That's prodigy." Prodigy truly makes learning math fun! When my students are given a choice to select a website to use during math instruction, they almost always pick prodigy. There are avatars, battles, coins, wizards, spells and so much more! 

Every Subject

7. PBS Kids - On PBS Kids, you can find tons of reading, math, science and spelling games. There are also online books, videos and many more interactive activities. 

8. National Geographic Kids - This site is really great for answering any questions your child might be wondering about the world around them. Kids can also play engaging games.

9. ABC Mouse - An incredibly comprehensive website, ABC Mouse gives children access to interactive games, music, and online books at customizable levels. This site is very interactive and easy to use for kids. Also, ABC Mouse tracks the progress of users so that parents can see how their child is doing.

10. Code - In my humble opinion, this website may be one of the most important websites you can show your child. I believe that every single child in every single country should learn computer science and should learn how to code because it is a skill that is used in every single industry. If you want to prepare your child for a future in the job-market that is extremely dominated by technology, do them a favour and help them learn how to code. Steve Jobs said it best, "to code is to think."

On this site, your child has the opportunity to learn coding in a child-friendly way. They have access to many different courses to teach them basic coding. There is also access to fun coding activities in many different popular themes. Some of the themes include angry birds, frozen, flappy birds, star wars, minecraft and NBA sports.