Welcome to The Splendid Path! My name is Alexandra Eva-May and I'm excited to connect with you. Founder of The Splendid Path, I'm a writer, blogger, speaker, divorce-tribe-member, traveler, mental health advocate, yoga-enthusiast, wellness warrior and self-care seeker. 

On The Splendid Path, I write about divorce, specifically the complicated emotions that arise from such a life-changing experience. I share past traumas and my struggle with mental health. I do this to advocate and educate. Mental illness is nothing to be ashamed of or embarrassed about. A mental illness is a health condition and like a broken leg, a mental illness can be treated and healed. When I was suffering with my mental health, I felt so alone and isolated. I know that many others continue to suffer in silence and it's time for this to end!

I've been through struggle and suffered my own dark thoughts and emotions. I've lived through trauma. I've felt hopeless and grief-stricken; however, I've survived the hard times, and more than that, I've thrived. Through work, resiliency and perseverance, I was able to pull myself out of a black hole I wasn't sure I'd emerge from. I've come out a positive person filled with hope for the future, self-love, happiness and optimism. Now, I am in constant pursuit of peace, light and happiness.

I make wellness my mission. I understand the connection between emotional, physical and mental health, and how each has to be cared for to ensure holistic wellness. Every day, I strive to be my healthiest self. I make self-care a priority and actively practice self-care habits that work for me. Most importantly, I love myself every day, no matter what I look like, what job I have, how much I weigh, where I live, what relationship I'm in, or where I'm at in my personal growth journey. 

Here, I share what I encounter on my own journey to walk my own Splendid Path that brings me happiness, joy and peace - all the things that make my life Splendid. My personal journey has led me to this place and I'm extremely inspired to create something that honors my past but also embraces my present and looks forward to my beautiful future. I will lay out how I found my very own splendid path and hopefully help you find yours.

From my heart to yours, I’m sending you only peace and light.