Book Review: Stop Wrecking my Home


By: Alexandra Eva-May

The pain you have endured may have broken your heart, but it does not have to break you
— Lauren McKinley

This page-turning debut shares Lauren McKinley's raw and authentic story of how she survived a marriage rocked by infidelity.  

"Stop Wrecking my Home," is a fascinating personal story detailing the destruction caused by an affair. McKinley's narrative shows that infidelity not only shatters a marriage, but also forever impacts a family and a community. McKinley has done a fantastic job weaving together a story to remind people who have suffered infidelity that they aren't alone. 

From start-to-finish, this awesome read is extremely captivating! It is very well-written and is a true page-turner that can be finished in one sitting as it's almost impossible to put down. Throughout the story, Mckinley provides so many truths and revelations that inspire the reader to reflect on their understanding of marital loyalty and what it truly means to fight for a marriage. McKinley also highlights the fact that love truly does have limits, as she inspires readers to reflect on the balance between fighting for your marriage and maintaining your self-worth in the process.

The most amazing part of McKinley's writting is the hope that she provides. Her words have a transformative effect, ushering in healing for those who are suffering the wounds of infidelity. McKinley reminds readers that the trauama caused by infidelity doesn't have to break you forever. If you keep moving towards acceptance and peace, there is hope and there is healing. McKinley shines light on the beautiful future that awaits those who release past pain, accept their reality and embrace their path. 

While reading this truly engaging story, you'll laugh, you'll cry; you'll feel all the feels.

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